Bloor Recommends EsgynDB as One of the Top SQL Engines for Hadoop

//Bloor Recommends EsgynDB as One of the Top SQL Engines for Hadoop

EsgynDB Leads the Way for HTAP Solutions

MILPITAS, CA – Mar 22, 2018 –Independent research and analyst house Bloor Research features EsgynDB and various other databases into a compiled market report regarding top performers in SQL Engines on Hadoop. This highly anticipated report highlights vital differentiators between products, the use cases they support, performance, and the level of SQL supported. Author Philip Howard goes into detail about EsgynDB’s features and the power of each SQL engine at supporting queries running with multiple concurrent threads and at scale. As the report covers industry leaders, EsgynDB is honorably mentioned as one of the few databases that properly support HTAP.


The report also illustrates various other vendors positioning in regards to performance and SQL Support. Focusing on six different use cases for SQL on Hadoop which are: Transactional look-ups, Hybrid transactional analytic processing (HTAP), Enterprise data warehousing (EDW), Online analytic processing (OLAP), Support for Machine Learning (ML), and collapsed Lambda (or Kappa) Architecture design. You can find key details on how EsgynDB can support both HTAP and Enterprise Data Warehouses, making us one of the very few databases that can execute this.


Bloor also covers various other topics that include product benchmarks, offerings, and stability. Take a quick dive today into our products history and the nature of EsgynsDB’s Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) database. Find intriguing facts about our strengths and threats competitors face moving forward. Discover the challenges of providing HTAP, and why EsgynDB was recommended for this particular use-case. Overall Bloor offers a unique perspective on what an ideal SQL Engine on Hadoop should be so don’t miss out on this exciting insight.

“Given its background and history we have no doubt that EsgynDB is robust and richly featured. Performance benchmarks are one thing but the true test is concurrency and here we would expect Esgyn to have a significant advantage. It is, for example, one of the few SQL on Hadoop engines to provide spill-to-disk capabilities when there is memory pressure”

~ Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor

The official market report is available here.


To learn more about our SQL maturity that is not highlighted in this report, then please follow the below link. EsgynDB supports ANSI SQL:2003 in addition to much of the de facto standard syntax promulgated by the likes of Oracle and Teradata.  In fact, EsgynDB can run all 99 TPC-DS queries (see post here).  We feel that EsgynDB is also well suited and should be recommended for Transactional, Complex, and OLAP workloads as defined in this paper.


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