Introducing EsgynDB 2.3

//Introducing EsgynDB 2.3
Business PartnershipMilpitas CA – January 16, 2018 – Esgyn Corporation, the provider of the industry’s most mature and diverse MPP SQL Engine for Big Data, has announced the general availability of EsgynDB Release 2.3. With this release, Esgyn has taken the next step in evolving its vision of a converged database platform for Big Data serving all workloads, from OLTP to OLAP, otherwise known as Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing (HTAP), a term coined by Gartner, or Translytics as Forrester calls it.

EsgynDB 2.3 introduces a powerful multi-tenant capability that allows Esgyn’s MPP database to serve multiple clients, or different businesses, with a single instance of the software. This new feature will give users the ability to separate different datasets or different clients as necessary to maintain security, or support different SLAs, or to manage compute resources.
By enabling each tenant to execute its own workload, whether OLTP or BI, or a mix, this capability allows tenants to co-exist without impacting SLAs of each other.
A multi-tenant environment can lower costs by reducing the need to build out additional database infrastructure to accommodate new customers or new business needs. New users get access to the same environment but with appropriate controls to manage resources and security.
With improved manageability available to database administrators, backups can be done at a more granular level (individual tables or schemas) and without taking the database offline, in EsgynDB 2.3. Backups can be essential to recovering business operations, therefore, providing support for table and schema level backups reduces time to recovery allowing administrators to restore with more precision than ever, and all while online.
EsgynDB 2.3 offers much better integration within a large enterprise with tens of thousands of users and sophisticated security configurations, through its support for multi-domain Active Directory and LDAP.
EsgynDB 2.3 also provides significant enhancements in performance. Our software will now self-optimize for better performance and resource efficiency when executing multiple query streams concurrently. Optimization of the memory footprint for SQL Big Memory Operators, data compression between EsgynDB’s drivers and server, and improved incremental update statistics performance on VARCHAR columns are some examples of improvements. There is a better ability for applications to seamlessly tolerate server failures through multiple IP support in client drivers. All of which gives you higher availability, better concurrency, and faster processing.
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