EsgynDB 2.4 Release

//EsgynDB 2.4 Release

Milpitas CA- June 20, 2018- Today, Esgyn Corporation, the provider of the industry’s most mature and diverse MPP SQL Engine for Big Data, is announcing the general availability of EsgynDB 2.4. This newest release of our product focuses on multiple key areas to ensure better user experiences and further establishes EsgynDB as an enterprise-class product.

EsgynDB Manager

EsgynDB 2.4 improves EsgynDB Manager for a friendlier user-experience with a complete view and control. A key new feature is the ability to support Hive object browsing for seamless navigation, along with a new user interface for managing back-up and restore to ensure you never lose valuable information.

EsgynDB Manager also now includes the ability to conduct incremental online backups at any level. Users can perform back-ups at the database, schema, or even table level, Along with the option to schedule backups via a calendar. The rich functionality of EsgynDB Manager enables a more convenient use of EsgynDB.

Enhanced Infrastructure

Maintaining continuous availability of services within highly secure environments, where network connections are tightly controlled, presents unique challenges. EsgynDB 2.4 improves on its highly available access to EsgynDB servers through multiple innovative network resiliency features by reducing the need for hands-on reconfiguration or action by operations personnel when failures occur. This security and availability are both critical attributes for today’s enterprise environments.

Improvements to infrastructure now allow support for HDP 2.5, with this support users can now integrate the security, governance, and operational enhancements of HDP 2.5 into EsgynDB 2.4. In addition, EsgynDB 2.4 also offers support for scale-up nodes with more than 64K Linux processes per node. This feature gives users the ability to run more tasks per node, with each node handling more work, in return, workloads become much faster, and crunching more data per node enables better data flow and analysis.

Simple and Easy Management

For extended usability, EsgynDB 2.4 offers improved notifications capabilities and QlikView support for better data visualization. QlikView users can now consolidate, search, visualize and analyze all data sources with just a few clicks. This feature offers simple and easier manageability that enables unique business insights and answers to critical questions. In addition, EsgynDB offers deeper integration of Cloudera Manager. Users can now install and manage EsgynDB using Cloudera manager for better deployment and configuration to quickly get up and running with the agility needed for enterprise applications. EsgynDB 2.4 also previews a similar integration of Apache Amabri to enable simple management and deployment capabilities.

With these improvements to security, scale, availability, and usability our goal is to empower global enterprises to realize the potential of Big Data with open source economics and lead the way enterprises cope with the ever-increasing data management needs on-prem or in the cloud. EsgynDB 2.4 enables the opportunity to develop stronger connections with customers, increase employee satisfaction, and address minor concerns before they become major disasters.

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