[Video] Using SQL to Query JSON. EsgynDB on Crunchbase Demo

//[Video] Using SQL to Query JSON. EsgynDB on Crunchbase Demo

EsgynDB Demo to Query Crunchbase using SQL

JSON has become the de facto standard to store and exchange data through web-based APIs. Using API calls to access JSON data is time consuming and requires higher levels of expertise from developers. Whereas SQL can provide much simpler and facilitates faster iterative app development. In the EsgynDB Demo we illustrate how to use SQL to query Crunchbase data.


Crunchbase provides valuable information on companies, founders, investors and employees via its APIs in JSON format. Since EsgynDB provides support for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, we can store JSON data and leverage SQL to query the data.  Furthermore, EsgynDB provides an extensible data architecture with its User Defined Functions (UDFs) to bring in external data and do transformations. In this demo, a UDF was used to convert Crunchbase data from JSON format to SQL friendly format.


The demo illustrates queries that involve joins and sub queries. Think of a query such as – find out all companies founded in Boston that belong to music category and went to IPO with a specific set of VCs. Such a query would require joins and subqueries, which are easier to create and execute with SQL.


Watch the demo video below to understand how you can use EsgynDB to query semi-structured data with SQL.



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