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Dave loves software. He is a veteran of over 30 years in the design and development of all aspects of database management systems. He holds an MSCE from Santa Clara University, and is co-holder of eight patents.

EsgynDB Now Supports a Tight Integration with ORC

One of the great strengths of the Apache Hadoop™ ecosystem is that it glues together diverse technologies to solve an unlimited set of big data problems. Gluing things together well requires attention to ease of use and how fast and efficiently the pieces can exchange data.   EsgynDB™, a web-scale enterprise SQL-on-Apache Hadoop™ solution from [...]

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Our Roots

Esgyn Corporation is a newcomer in the world of high tech companies. Our mission is to help create and nurture Enterprise-class transactional and operational SQL in the Apache® Hadoop ecosystem. But there are many companies doing SQL-on-Hadoop, so it is fair to ask, what are our credentials? Dave Birdsall explores that topic in this post.

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