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About Carol Pearson

Carol Pearson is a senior software engineer at Esgyn.

Release of Apache Trafodion version 1.3

The Apache Trafodion (Incubating) project just announced that it completed its first release as an Apache incubator project. Trafodion 1.3 includes many new bug fixes, new features, and a revamped Apache Trafodion Website.

Active-Active Operational SQL Workloads on Hadoop

An overview of EsgynDB Enterprise Release 2.0 active-active cross-datacenter replication with full ACID transactions for all SQL workloads.

Active-Active Operational SQL Workloads on Hadoop

On Tuesday Esgyn announced the EsgynDB Enterprise 2.0 release, which includes support for a number of interesting features. One particularly notable feature is support for a cross-datacenter fully transactional active-active peer cluster configuration.