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About Venkat Muthuswamy

Venkat Muthuswamy is a Senior Software Architect at Esgyn Corporation

Using Apache Zeppelin to build visualizations on top of Apache Trafodion – Updated

Introduction Apache Trafodion (Incubating) and EsgynDB (commercial version from Esgyn) support data visualization tools such as Apache Zeppelin and Tableau with standard JDBC/ODBC connectivity. In this article, we focus on walking you through the steps in leveraging Apache Zeppelin as a data visualization tool on top of Trafodion. Apache Zeppelin is a modern web-based [...]

EsgynDB Manager

Introduction to EsgynDB Manager, a web-based enterprise management tool for EsgynDB.EsgynDB Manager allows you to monitor key aspects of your EsgynDB environment, manage queries, view detailed statistics, generate alerts, browse database objects, and much more.