Why HDP Needs EsgynDB

Enterprise-Class Converged Database for Big Data   Accelerate Business Value and Insights from Big Data EsgynDB provides operational ease of running OLTP, ODS, BI and Analytical workloads on a single Big Data platform. EsgynDB is the only Big Data SQL solution that provides a pluggable data management framework, for [...]

[Case Study] Wanda Realizes Massive Savings Through Consolidation with EsgynDB

Wanda Case Study Wanda Realizes Massive Savings Through Consolidation with EsgynDB World’s Largest Real Estate Enterprise The Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. established in 2012, is the world's largest real estate enterprise company and a domestic industry leader in China. With a registered capital of RMB 3.875 billion, Dalian [...]

[Case Study] Webroot Applies Big Data Strategies to Threat Intelligence with EsgynDB

Webroot Case Study Webroot generates new revenue streams and creates a foundation for agile innovation and competitive differentiation with EsgynDB A Rock Star of Internet Threat Detection Webroot is the market leader in cloud-based, real-time internet threat detection for consumers, businesses and enterprises. Webroot delivers real-time advanced internet threat protection [...]

[Video] Architectural Considerations for Using Hot and Cold Data on HDFS

Using Hot and Cold Data on HDFS We are excited to bring you a video recording of a recent meetup presentation by Esgyn experts on Hot and Cold Data on HDFS. Hot data is the data you want to access quickly (mostly for reporting purposes). Cold data is the data you will access infrequently [...]

[Video] Using SQL to Query JSON. EsgynDB on Crunchbase Demo

EsgynDB Demo to Query Crunchbase using SQL JSON has become the de facto standard to store and exchange data through web-based APIs. Using API calls to access JSON data is time consuming and requires higher levels of expertise from developers. Whereas SQL can provide much simpler and facilitates faster iterative app development. In the [...]

[Video] EsgynDB + Tableau Demo

EsgynDB and Tableau Integration Demo   Seamless Integration Connecting EsgynDB with Tableau is a breeze. It is like connecting with any database. All you need is the IP address and user credentials. The Tableau integration is pretested and supported as a standard component within EsgynDB. Ready for Self-Serve BI/Analytics Empower business analysts to tap [...]

[Webinar Archive] Delivering Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) on Hadoop

Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) on Hadoop As businesses become more agile, the need for real-time and near real-time analysis on transactional data has become more important than ever. For database veterans, transactions and analytics have always been on two different systems. Such silo-ed approach resulted in expensive ETL processes, specialized data marts, SLA [...]

[Download] Does your SQL Engine Make the Grade?

Are You Experimenting with Multiple SQL Engines? Finding the right SQL Engine has always been a tough task, especially when you have myraid of options to choose from. All SQL Engines that work on Hadoop, whether open sourced or not, claim the same capabilities and sound exactly the same. Then how do [...]

[Video] Risk Analytics – Financial Services Demo

Risk Analytics Data Warehouse Demo   Are you currently trying to overcome issues in your current data warehouse implementations? Data warehouses implemented on proprietary databases such as Oracle and Teradata have multiple issues such as scaling, loading, query performance and lack of support for unstructured data. As your organization invests in Hadoop based Big Data [...]

Esgyn IoT Platform Demo Video

Internet of Things (IoT) Demo Video Are you building an IoT solution? Or planning to create one? Internet of Things (IoT) generate a lot of data every minute and you need a comprehensive IoT data management to support rapid ingestion, real-time alerts, reporting and advanced analytics. Since IoT happens in real-time, traditional approaches in [...]