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EsgynDB Now Supports a Tight Integration with ORC

One of the great strengths of the Apache Hadoop™ ecosystem is that it glues together diverse technologies to solve an unlimited set of big data problems. Gluing things together well requires attention to ease of use and how fast and efficiently the pieces can exchange data. EsgynDB™, a web-scale enterprise SQL-on-Apache Hadoop™ solution from Esgyn [...]

EsgynDB is the only SQL-on-Hadoop solution to run the entire TPC-DS benchmark.

The best benchmark to assess the capabilities of a database for BI/Analytics workloads is the TPC-DS benchmark. While the deep integration with Apache ORC and performance tuning of EsgynDB for TPC-DS type workloads is still very early in its maturity cycle, the results are already very impressive. While for the operational benchmarks there was really [...]

Using Apache Zeppelin to build visualizations on top of Apache Trafodion – Updated

Introduction Apache Trafodion (Incubating) and EsgynDB (commercial version from Esgyn) support data visualization tools such as Apache Zeppelin and Tableau with standard JDBC/ODBC connectivity. In this article, we focus on walking you through the steps in leveraging Apache Zeppelin as a data visualization tool on top of Trafodion. Apache Zeppelin is a modern web-based [...]

Installing Apache Trafodion using Docker Containers

Using Docker to Install Apache Trafodion We are excited to announce the availability of Apache Trafodion 2.0 (Incubating) on Docker. Developers around the world can now easily install a single node version of Apache Trafodion on their Linux boxes in a snap. Apache Trafodion and EsgynDB (commercial version supported by Esgyn) enable you to use [...]

A Design Pattern to Manage Log, IoT and Event Data

A common use case for Trafodion in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, in telecommunications and internet security is a very large single table, recording real-time events. Customers want to ingest new data at a fast rate, perform queries and age out obsolete data.

EsgynDB Manager

Introduction to EsgynDB Manager, a web-based enterprise management tool for EsgynDB.EsgynDB Manager allows you to monitor key aspects of your EsgynDB environment, manage queries, view detailed statistics, generate alerts, browse database objects, and much more.

Data migration from another RDBMS to Trafodion

It's easy to migrate your data from Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 to EsgynDB (powered by Apache Trafodion). Learn about the different migration strategies available for EsgynDB.

Cross Cluster Transaction Manager

Learn about how the Apache Trafodion transaction manager delivers a truly distributed cross cluster transaction manager on Hadoop.

Trafodion + Kafka = Trafka

Learn how to create a near-real time stream processing workflow using Apache Kafka, Trafodion, HBase, and Hadoop without much effort.

Release of Apache Trafodion version 1.3

The Apache Trafodion (Incubating) project just announced that it completed its first release as an Apache incubator project. Trafodion 1.3 includes many new bug fixes, new features, and a revamped Apache Trafodion Website.