Rohit Jain, CTO of Esgyn Presenting at Data Day Seattle, July 23 2016

//Rohit Jain, CTO of Esgyn Presenting at Data Day Seattle, July 23 2016

Attending Data Day Seattle?

Esgyn will be in full force to meet and discuss your Big Data challenges and how we can help you at Data Day Seattle. We are also excited that Rohit Jain, CTO of Esgyn Corporation will be speaking at the conference. Send us an email at to schedule a time with Rohit to discuss your specific situation.


In Search of Database Nirvana – The Challenges of Delivering Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing

Rohit Jain, CTO
Rohit Jain, Co-founder & CTO
Rohit’s Podcast on Apache Trafodion
Companies are looking for a single database engine that can address all their varied needs—from transactional to analytical workloads, against structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, leveraging graph databases, document stores, text search engines, column stores, key value stores, and wide column stores. They are looking for the ultimate database nirvana.


The term hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), coined by Gartner, perhaps comes closest to describing this concept. (451 Research uses the terms convergence or converged data platform. The terms multi-model or unified are also used.) But can such a nirvana be achieved? Rohit Jain discusses the challenges one faces on the path to this nirvana, including:

  • Creating a single query engine for all workloads, including both operational and analytical workloads
  • Supporting multiple storage engines, each serving a different need
  • Using the same data model for all workloads, delivering high levels of performance for both operational and analytical workloads
  • Meeting the enterprise operational capabilities needed to support operational and analytical applications

Attendees looking to assess query and storage engines would benefit from understanding what the key considerations are when picking an SQL Engine to run their targeted workloads. Also, developers working on such engines can better understand capabilities they need to provide in order to run workloads that span the HTAP spectrum.


About the Author:

Rohit Jain is Esgyn's Chief Technology Officer.Rohit has worn many hats in his career, including solutions architect, database consultant, developer, development manager and product manager. Prior to joining Esgyn, Rohit was a Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard for SeaQuest and Trafodion. In his 39 years in applications and databases, Rohit has driven pioneering efforts in Massively Parallel Processing and distributed computing solutions for both operational and analytical workloads.