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EsgynDB Features

EsgynDB also contains several extensions to the Apache Trafodion database project, and offers additional services, training and support levels to support EsgynDB in production.  Extensions include:

EsgynDB Manager

EsgynDB Manager is a browser-based manageability interface that enables users to monitor and manage workloads running in EsgynDB

Multi-DataCenter Replication

EsgynDB supports replication of data to multiple clusters, including remote clusters. Both Active/Active (writes initiated on any cluster, reads on any cluster) and Active/Passive (writes initiated on one cluster, reads on any cluster) configurations are supported.

Connectivity Tools

ADO.NET driver: The ADO.NET driver allows applications to access EsgynDB objects using the .NET framework

EsgynDB Support Tools and Knowledge Base Access

EsgynDB includes additional support and diagnostic tools and access to the EsgynDB Knowledge Base for troubleshooting and data collection help.