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Introduction to EsgynDB Manager

EsgynDB Manager is a web based enterprise management tool for EsgynDB. It allows a database administrator to:

  • Monitor the health and status of EsgynDB nodes, services
  • Monitor key system, HBase and EsgynDB runtime metrics at cluster level or per node
  • Monitor and manage (cancel) EsgynDB queries
  • View detailed compile-time and run-time query statistics including visual and textual explain plans
  • Email or HTTP alerts on system resource usage
  • Browse database objects and their attributes including privileges and object relationships
  • Monitor active EsgynDB sessions and users
  • Execute ad-hoc queries and generate explain plans in the Query Workbench to help fine tune queries


EsgynDB Manager Architecture

EsgynDB Manager is deployed on the primary or management node in the EsgynDB cluster.

  • DB Manager runs as an embedded jetty webserver. No additional packages to install.
  • Communication with EsgynDB core is through JDBC and HTTP requests.
  • Browser to DB Manager webserver communication is via HTTPS/REST.
  • EsgynDB Manager Enterprise Advanced Edition uses OpenTSDB, TCollector and Bosun.
  • OpenTSDB is used to store time-series metrics. The system health and performance metrics as well the health and performance of EsgynDB services are periodically collected as time-series data and published into OpenTSDB.
  • TCollector is used to collect system performance metrics, HBase metrics and EsgynDB and publish into OpenTSDB
  • Bosun alerting and notification engine uses the metrics in OpenTSDB and sends out email or HTTP notifications when defined thresholds are exceeded.

Figure 1: EsgynDB Manager Architecture

Figure 2: Dashboard showing state of EsgynDB services and system metrics


Figure 3: Query Workbench Visual Explain Plan



About the Author:

Venkat Muthuswamy is a Senior Software Architect at Esgyn Corporation