[Video] EsgynDB + Tableau Demo

//[Video] EsgynDB + Tableau Demo

EsgynDB and Tableau Integration Demo


Seamless Integration

Connecting EsgynDB with Tableau is a breeze. It is like connecting with any database. All you need is the IP address and user credentials. The Tableau integration is pretested and supported as a standard component within EsgynDB.


Ready for Self-Serve BI/Analytics

  1. Empower business analysts to tap into Data Lake without requiring Java developers and Data Scientists.
  2. Support interactive querying on Data Warehouse. No need of caching of data at Tableau level to speed up queries.
  3. Support complex joins and reports on large data sets
  4. Bring external data into Tableau reporting updated at the query time. External data such as weather data, financial data or result of a machine learning algorithm can be made available to Tableau users seamlessly.


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