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Wanda Case Study

Wanda Realizes Massive Savings Through Consolidation with EsgynDB

World’s Largest Real Estate Enterprise

The Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. established in 2012, is the world’s largest real estate enterprise company and a domestic industry leader in China. With a registered capital of RMB 3.875 billion, Dalian Wanda Group’s business is in commercial property investments and operations. The core product is the urban complex known as “Wanda Plaza”, which is an innovative concept in commercial property that was pioneered by Wanda. A typical complex is a fully independent commercial zone that combines shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment. Wanda has 187 Wanda plazas and total lettable area of 33 million square meters. Wanda is the only company in China to possess its own Institute of Business Planning, and with the Wanda Institute of Hotel Design and Wanda Property Management Team, forms a complete industry chain creating a core competitive advantage.

Existing Solutions Prove Inadequate in Many Ways

Current solutions in use, namely MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, utilize multiple tables to cope with the large quantities of energy data involved, measured in trillions of rows.  Tables exist for each plaza, type of energy consumption, time, and monthly energy summaries and so on.  As a result Wanda found it had to manage tens of thousands of tables leading to significant complexity, operational inefficiencies, and increased cost.  The business wanted real-time reports, but the current solutions were unable to deliver real-time reporting and analysis and could only serve up reports from a cache of older stale data.  The problems would only get worse, as Wanda predicts to grow to nearly 500 plazas, almost tripling the daily data ingest volume, and accounting for some 70 trillion rows of data and 100s of TB by 2021 exceeding the scale available from the existing solutions.

Search for a Future Proof Solution

Wanda searched for a new solution that would not only provide the real-time analytics and reporting required today, but that would meet future data growth needs.  The new architecture requires a solution that would scale, provide real-time capabilities for BI reporting and analytics, with constant ongoing real-time updates/ingest, coupled with high concurrency access and support for ANSI SQL.  The solution is required to cope with data ingest from all plazas in real-time.

IOT / Smart Meter Data
Sensors500 per plaza
Data90KB per packet
11,000 records
FrequencyEvery 5 minutes

Esgyn Makes the Match

EsgynDB, the industry’s first All-in-One SQL Database for Big Data, proved to be a unique match for Wanda’s requirements. As a converged Big Data platform, EsgynDB enables replacement of tens of thousands of tables with only one table to reduce the cost and complexity of maintenance. Since EsgynDB is deeply integrated with HDFS, Wanda could scale out horizontally at a lower cost. Additionally, EsgynDB uses the same ANSI SQL as traditional RDBMSs, which means Wanda can leverage their existing SQL database expertise and business logic.

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“Use of Esgyn technology is not only beneficial for making decisions based on business intelligence, but also for saving energy, reducing consumption and leading low-carbon lifestyle.
Also, EsgynDB can be used for other systems of Wanda Group to integrate resources with data, and dig deeper into potential values from big data.”

ZHU Zhanbei, CIO, Wanda

EsgynDB Business Benefits

EsgynDB allowed Wanda to significantly decrease the complexity of their environment, reducing tens of thousands of tables to just one, while delivering performance in real-time on very large data sets, and providing support for future data growth.  Furthermore, EsgynDB enables rapid real-time report generation concurrently with data ingestion, resulting in faster turnaround time for reports with current data.

EsgynDB Delivered Value

  • Consolidate to one database
  • Real-time report delivery
  • Reduced complexity
  • Leverage existing skills

IOT/Smart Meter data

Daily Data Ingest (current)(projected)Query responsiveness
2.4TB / 300B Records6.5TB / 800B Records  <0.4s on 34B rows

By taking advantage of EsgynDB’s technical superiority, Wanda can collect much more energy data from Wanda plazas along with support for mixed workloads with high concurrency to improve the performance of data analysis. For example, understanding the total energy consumption characteristics of commercial buildings and the energy consumption trend of critical equipment, so as to reduce energy consumption and increase resource utilization, which lays a solid foundation for the design of Wanda intelligent buildings.


About the Author:

Ken is an experienced software development leader with deep knowledge of building and delivering enterprise-class database products and supporting platforms from the ground up. Prior to Esgyn, Ken held a variety of positions at HP ranging from Director roles in Product Management, QA, and Development to Chief of Staff. Most recently Ken played a key role in launching Apache Trafodion as an open source project in collaboration with HP Labs, and has the dubious honor of giving the project its name.Ken earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from University of Wales with a specialty in Computing Physics and has been a lifelong student of technology ever since.