Esgyn and Ericsson Aim to Provide Big Data Solutions

//Esgyn and Ericsson Aim to Provide Big Data Solutions





MILPITAS, CA – Dec 7, 2017 – Esgyn Corporation, a leader in Converged Big Data solutions that empower enterprises to realize the potential of Big Data, has partnered with Ericsson in China, a leading provider of telecommunication systems, network infrastructure, applications, and services. Together, Esgyn and Ericsson will offer cloud services, mobile broadband, network design and optimization, and other comprehensive industry solutions for big data business technologies.


Telcos have an abundance of data; their challenge is how to derive business value from all that data. The telco industry in China is rapidly innovating and developing solutions to leverage the value of their big data, and together, Esgyn and Ericsson will provide end-to-end big data solutions for the telecommunications industry.


With the rapid development of big data, the problem of handling vast amounts of data has become a new challenge for large enterprises. Typical big data solutions lack SQL support and transaction protection, which makes developing big data solutions challenging for most businesses. EsgynDB, powered by Apache Trafodion, brings enterprise-level functionality to the Hadoop ecosystem. It enables enterprises to concurrently run transactional workloads and operational reporting on Hadoop using standard SQL syntax and to leverage existing SQL database expertise and business logic to manage their big data environments.


As the leading provider of telecommunications systems, network infrastructure, applications and services for telco operators, Ericsson launched a big data platform – Expert Analytics. This system offers actionable insights from big data for telco operators and translates these ideas into practical operations in real time to provide support for marketing, customer service, operations, networking and other departments. In addition to launching big data analytics tools, Ericsson also leverages its rich network expertise to support the increasing use of applications, and provide power and flexibility for telco operators to deal with current and future challenges.


Esgyn and Ericsson’s partnership will include technical cooperation in big data business markets, which will be covered by Ericsson’s channels. Esgyn is responsible for providing a complete big data platform, including data collection, storage, access and other data processing procedures. Ericsson integrates with Esgyn’s big data platform products, and both parties will jointly promote the combined solutions to customers. Together Esgyn and Ericsson will provide end-to-end solutions for the telecommunications industry and meet global demands for big data business developments and corporate strategic transformations.


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About Ericsson

Ericsson is the leading provider of telecommunications systems, network infrastructure, applications, and services. Around 40% of the world’s mobile traffic is via Ericsson networks. Ericsson has customers in more than 180 countries and offers comprehensive industrial solutions ranging from cloud services and mobile broadband to web design and optimization.

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