[Case Study] Wanda Realizes Massive Savings Through Consolidation with EsgynDB

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Wanda Case Study Wanda Realizes Massive Savings Through Consolidation with EsgynDB World’s Largest Real Estate Enterprise The Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. established in 2012, is the world's largest [...]

[Case Study] Webroot Applies Big Data Strategies to Threat Intelligence with EsgynDB

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Webroot Case Study Webroot generates new revenue streams and creates a foundation for agile innovation and competitive differentiation with EsgynDB A Rock Star of Internet Threat Detection Webroot is the [...]

[Video] Architectural Considerations for Using Hot and Cold Data on HDFS

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Using Hot and Cold Data on HDFS We are excited to bring you a video recording of a recent meetup presentation by Esgyn experts on Hot and Cold Data on HDFS. Hot data is [...]

[Video] Using SQL to Query JSON. EsgynDB on Crunchbase Demo

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EsgynDB Demo to Query Crunchbase using SQL JSON has become the de facto standard to store and exchange data through web-based APIs. Using API calls to access JSON data is time consuming and requires [...]

[Video] EsgynDB + Tableau Demo

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EsgynDB and Tableau Integration Demo   Seamless Integration Connecting EsgynDB with Tableau is a breeze. It is like connecting with any database. All you need is the IP address and user credentials. The Tableau [...]

[Webinar Archive] Delivering Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) on Hadoop

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Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) on Hadoop As businesses become more agile, the need for real-time and near real-time analysis on transactional data has become more important than ever. For database veterans, transactions and [...]

[Download] Does your SQL Engine Make the Grade?

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Are You Experimenting with Multiple SQL Engines? Finding the right SQL Engine has always been a tough task, especially when you have myraid of options to choose from. All SQL Engines that [...]

[Video] Risk Analytics – Financial Services Demo

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Risk Analytics Data Warehouse Demo   Are you currently trying to overcome issues in your current data warehouse implementations? Data warehouses implemented on proprietary databases such as Oracle and Teradata have multiple issues such as [...]

Esgyn IoT Platform Demo Video

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Internet of Things (IoT) Demo Video Are you building an IoT solution? Or planning to create one? Internet of Things (IoT) generate a lot of data every minute and you need a comprehensive IoT [...]

Esgyn is explained in less than 90 seconds

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Checkout what Esgyn is in less than 90 secs in the explainer video below. Esgyn offers EsgynDB, an enterprise-class SQL Database for Big Data. It can help you do more with Big Data such as [...]

In Search of Database Nirvana – Published by O’Reilly Media

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The Challenges of Delivering Hybrid Transactions/Analytical Processing The database pendulum is in full swing. Ten years ago, web-scale companies began moving away from proprietary relational databases to handle Big Data use cases with NoSQL [...]

Download Checklist to Compare SQL Engines for Hadoop

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Finding the right SQL Engine for Hadoop has always been a tough task, especially when you have myriad of options to choose from. When all SQL Engines that work on Hadoop, whether [...]

[Webinar Archive] Moving Away from MapReduce to SQL on Hadoop

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MapReduce is the standard mechanism to retrieve data from Hadoop-based Big Data implementations. However, it is quickly going out of fashion given the complexity and cost of creating and maintaining MapReduce jobs and [...]

[Webinar Archive] Transform Your Business with Big Data – Six Use Cases

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Watch our webinar archive to learn the six use cases that can help you realize the potential of Big Data.  Make your business data-driven Become customer obsessed Become an agile business Compete effectively in [...]