[Video] Risk Analytics – Financial Services Demo

//[Video] Risk Analytics – Financial Services Demo

Risk Analytics Data Warehouse Demo


Are you currently trying to overcome issues in your current data warehouse implementations? Data warehouses implemented on proprietary databases such as Oracle and Teradata have multiple issues such as scaling, loading, query performance and lack of support for unstructured data. As your organization invests in Hadoop based Big Data initiatives, EsgynDB can help you migrate your current Data warehouse environment or offload some workloads so that you can take advantage of your Hadoop investments while overcoming limitations of your current proprietary data warehouse systems. You can also drastically reduce costs related to your data warehouse including licensing, support and requirement for specialized hardware.


Checkout the demo video below to understand how you can move your current data warehouse or offload some workloads.



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Ken is an experienced software development leader with deep knowledge of building and delivering enterprise-class database products and supporting platforms from the ground up. Prior to Esgyn, Ken held a variety of positions at HP ranging from Director roles in Product Management, QA, and Development to Chief of Staff. Most recently Ken played a key role in launching Apache Trafodion as an open source project in collaboration with HP Labs, and has the dubious honor of giving the project its name.Ken earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from University of Wales with a specialty in Computing Physics and has been a lifelong student of technology ever since.