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Data driven decision-making in real-time


Why Operations and Analytics together?

  1. High velocity and volume ingest / update rates
  2. Full transactional consistency and integrity
  3. Sub-second responses for operational workloads
  4. Real-time operational dashboards
  5. Application of analytical models to events for real-time actions

Esgyn Strato is a revolutionary cloud platform that lets you run and optimize your business in the cloud.

  • One single platform for hot and cold data: run (OLTP) and optimize (OLAP, AI/ML) your business with no data movement
  • Easy, simple and cost effective: no IT overhead, fastest time to market; you use the platform, Esgyn manages it
  • Enterprise class: always on, fully secure, automated backup and restore
  • Performance and elasticity: linear scalability, add or remove capacity dynamically
  • Full SQL power for transactions, operations, reporting, business intelligence and more
  • Separation of Compute and Storage: pay only for what you use

Esgyn Strato is optimized for different kinds of business applications like financial systems, health-care data management systems, IoT, traffic control, security, CRM, ERP, HR systems, master data management, etc. Esgyn Strato can manage structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data within one single instance.

Acting as your complete business tool, Esgyn Strato lets users gather instant data from IoT sensors, transactions, or historical data. In a matter of milliseconds, your content becomes available to you for analytics and can be modified in real-time. No more need for silos of data for different uses, now you can bring your operational and analytical data to one converged platform.  In addition to high-performance, simplicity, and speed, Esgyn Strato’s added value lies in its low total cost of ownership thanks to a simple payment model.

Run Your Business
Easy Connections to Dashboards: integrate your dashboard with our cloud interface hassle-free

Easy to Manage: reduce development complexity and operational cost with our simplified architecture

Operational Metrics: enhance your decision support landscape with efficient data for operational reporting and control

Faster Insights: run your queries in milliseconds

Optimize Your Business
Smart and Efficient IoT: analyze your sensor data in real-time to catch threats or adjust your business processes.

Scale to Meet Business Growth: process massive amounts of valuable information to enable rich decisions and fast recommendations.

Massive Storage Capabilities: get support for volumes of structured or unstructured data and reduce data latency drastically.

Improve your Business Intelligence: generate actionable insights, and drive business growth from your data in real-time.

Choose your Service

Run Your Business

Operational Data Store

Facilitate and manage your business with our operational transaction tools, and process transactions at high concurrency. Reduce overall complexity for faster and simpler query processing as you scale at a much lower cost.

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Optimize Your Business

Modernize Your Data Lakes

Use cost-effective data lakes to store large amounts of raw data in different formats all in one centralized location. Fully optimize your business in the cloud and minimize the resource-intensive process of transforming data when analyzing.

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Real-Time Analytics for IoT

Immediate Access to Data

Simplify IoT processes to accelerate productivity and performance with high-speed ingestion. Gather real-time analytics and scale massive amounts of data to enable better insights. Ultimately, get the best access to your data all in one place.

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Managed Service

Guaranteed Performance

Esgyn Strato  offers a complete managed service to help you size, provision, configure, design, implement, test, deploy, manage, and tune all database aspects of the application.  Also, receive personalized account recommendations and performance optimizations.

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Easy & Fast

Use our fast query processing tools to run your business operations in the cloud. Integrate data from various sources all within a single structure. Reduce data movement to facilitate and manage transaction-oriented applications with speed and concurrency. Utilize a complete dashboard to, for example, improve call centers or streamline billing processes all with effective recoverability. Accelerate offloading of applications from a traditional RDBMS, lower your ETL cost, and handle mixed workloads. With our ability to manage vast data ingestion to improve client experience Esgyn ensures updated customer information is provided in real-time. With our MPP system, you get the best option for partitioning and reporting on hot data. So, eliminate pre-processing headaches and fulfil all your requirements with our one-stop-shop for all data needs.

No More Data Silos 

Fully optimize your business in the cloud by using our modernized data lakes and deliver immediate data insights to serve customers efficiently. Utilize our effective on-line analytical processing to manage historical or archival data. Get support for varieties of data formats and different workloads in real-time. Overall improve the usability of your applications for better ROI and cross-selling opportunities. With a hybrid operational and analytical solution, Esgyn Strato data lake can effectively remove data silos, reduce data movement, and cut cost. We can do this by delivering high concurrency and linear scale-out for transforming fragmented data into actionable insights that improve and predicts your business needs.

Data That Adapts To You 

Bring your IoT device data full circle with our optimized real-time analytics capabilities. Ensure your business delivers its true value by ingesting and processing data within minutes. Use millions of sensors or smart meters to provide valuable insights from machine-generated data. Enhance products and processes, monitor equipment, and predict needed maintenance to avoid failure. Significantly reduce your IoT solutions complexity and cost. Elastically scale out to meet the demands of rapid growth and to accelerate the generation of reports and the analytics you need in seconds. Ultimately know where your energy cost, public safety, and growth demands are going with our smart, simple, and efficient database.

Let Us Help You Along The Way

Our full-service model will cover all aspects related to the database throughout the application’s life cycle.  No need to perform any database tasks, just load and go. You and Esgyn work very closely together through every step of the deployment life cycle; all you have to do is point our experienced Esgyneers to the data and applications you wish to use. Only pay for what you use and automatically scale up or out hassle-free as workload volumes increase. You can focus on your business and your customers, enabling you to make more informed and intelligent decisions thereby maximizing your return, and improving customer satisfaction.

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