Announcing Supermicro EsgynDB Appliance

//Announcing Supermicro EsgynDB Appliance

Supermicro 2U 4-Node TwinPro2 Reference Architecture for EsgynDB

MILPITAS, CA – March 5, 2018 – Esgyn Corporation, a leader in Converged Big Data solutions that empower enterprises to realize the potential of Big Data, has partnered with Supermicro, a premier provider of advanced server Building Block Solutions for Data Centers and Embedded Systems worldwide. Combined with the 2u 4-node TwinPro2 server, both forces are set to provide highly optimized server technology that will enable excellent performance and high availability for delivering faster business insights.


Adoption of the Supermicro-Esgyn Big Data Appliance significantly reduces the complexity of deploying a Big Data solution. The capabilities of our mature database engine with standard ANSI SQL interface on Hadoop, running on the SuperServer platform, not only allows rapid execution of pilot or proof of concept projects but also enables easy deployment of Big Data infrastructure to modernize data lakes or for IoT use cases.


If you are looking to reduce design time or simplify the purchase of big data architecture containing both Supermicro and Esgyn components, then the 2U 4-Node TwinPro2 appliance will be the right fit. You can download the full reference architecture today to learn the full capabilities of this appliance and how Supermicro solutions are optimized towards resolving the most challenging IT requirements.


The reference architecture provides an in-depth review of the appliance. As well as how it enables network flexibility and reduces data center footprints. Additionally, it identifies the software and hardware components required for simplifying your procurement process.


Together, Esgyn and Supermicro take the complexity out of your Big Data solution needs with this complete pre-installed, pre-tuned, and pre-tested appliance.


The official Reference Architecture is available here.


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