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Build a solid foundation with EsgynDB training

Build a Solid Foundation

These instructor-led classes can be delivered at our training facility in Milpitas, California or on-site in your facilities. Before delivering any training, we meet with you to understand the knowledge and experience of the students and the EsgynDB solution you are deploying, to ensure we cover the correct topics at the appropriate level.

EsgynDB and Big Data Fundamentals

This two-day course servers as an introduction to EsgynDB, powered by Apache Trafodion, and the Hadoop and Linux environment in which it runs. The class includes high-level information on the configuration, environment, and operations for EsgynDB and serves as an introduction for both application developers and system administrators who are new to the EsgynDB operating environment.

Application Development with EsgynDB

This four-day course provides a detailed introduction to application development using EsgynDB. It covers the complete lifecycle of an application, including planning and analysis, database definition, application development, connectivity, data loading, configuration planning, and maintenance. After this course developers and DBAs should be ready to deliver their first application into production.

EsgynDB Administration

This three-day advanced course provides detailed information and blueprints for provisioning and administering an EsgynDB application. It covers concepts including platform sizing and control process placement, security, availability, and data recovery. In addition, the course provides monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting modules to help you manage and maintain your EsgynDB applications as they grow, using standardized best practices.