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Webroot Case Study

Webroot generates new revenue streams and creates a foundation for agile innovation and competitive differentiation with EsgynDB

A Rock Star of Internet Threat Detection

Webroot is the market leader in cloud-based, real-time internet threat detection for consumers, businesses and enterprises. Webroot delivers real-time advanced internet threat protection to customers through its BrightCloud® security intelligence platform, and its SecureAnywhere™ suite of security products for endpoints, mobile devices and corporate networks. Over 7 million consumers, 1.5 million business users and 1.3 million mobile users are protected by Webroot.

Growing Pains with Homegrown Data Management Solution

Webroot relied on a homegrown data management platform to store incoming log data and generate reports. As the number of customers grew and the data size increased rapidly, the homegrown solution was no longer viable. Reports were taking more time due to the complexity of requirements and the way data was structured in the homegrown solution. Meeting customer expectations and service levels was challenging. In addition, strong demand for faster reporting from their customers meant a new architecture to deliver reports quickly and at a much lower cost.

Scouting for the perfect match

At the outset, the Webroot team had latched on to the idea of a Cloud-based solution with a Big Data architecture. There are a variety of Big Data solutions in the marketplace, which meant the opportunity to rapidly evaluate solutions. The key criteria for the solution were – ingest millions of rows of data per day, avoid creating a data access layer, leverage existing SQL tools and resources, and scale out horizontally with commodity hardware. From a business point of view, the new architecture would allow the roll out of new services faster.

Esgyn Makes the Match

EsgynDB, the industry’s All-in-One SQL Database for Big Data, proved to be a unique match for Webroot’s requirements. As a converged Big Data platform, EsgynDB enabled rapid report generation concurrently with data ingestion, which meant faster turnaround time for reports, which made their customers happy. In addition, the mature 4th generation SQL Engine within EsgynDB enabled the Webroot team to use simpler ANSI SQL and avoid creating an expensive data access layer in complex code. Furthermore, the availability of .NET based database drivers made Webroot’s job much easier since they have standardized on Microsoft technologies. Since EsgynDB is deeply integrated with Hadoop File System (HDFS), Webroot could scale out horizontally at a lower cost. To top it all, Esgyn’s team of database experts and the consulting and professional services they provided removed risks from the solution implementation.

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“Use of Esgyn technology has provided Webroot with an ability to improve our threat intelligence. EsgynDB accelerated our time to bring new solutions to market due to simplicity of a standard ANSI SQL interface. With EsgynDB we now have the cloud-based architecture we wanted to deploy new and additional workloads quickly and easily.”

Kristie Shetye, Sr. Manager, Software Development, Webroot

Business Has Become More Agile

In addition to meeting the original goal of delivering real-time reports to customers at a much lower cost, the Webroot team was able to leverage the newly created EsgynDB solution to deliver new services that resulted in new revenues. The initial system metrics are as shown below:

350 TB / 140 TB Records350M10x
13 months of security dataRecords/dayReduction in data latency

EsgynDB Delivered Value

  • Reduced server footprint on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Real-time report delivery at a lower cost
  • Enabled usage measurement for accurate billing
  • Deliver new solutions faster within the same infrastructure
  • Support new business models (pay-per-download)
  • Identify new threat intelligence patterns by analyzing 13 months of data

“We want to extend the EsgynDB platform to deploy more projects. Esgyn will give us better value in the long run. Our management is very happy that things just work, compared to our previous solutions.”

Kristie Shetye, Sr. Manager, Software Development, Webroot

Building on the success of supporting the real-time Threat Intelligence services to both external customers and internal operations, Webroot has also migrated some of its billing data reporting onto the same database platform.

The Webroot team is looking forward to accelerate innovation, bring additional data to improve threat intelligence and expand the use of data mining and machine learning to generate insights and unlock new revenue streams.